Thursday, April 27, 2017


I finished school tonight. It took me six years. 

In that period, I moved six times. I changed my major four. I worked. I got divorced. I started my own business. I raised two little boys.
I was a good friend. I was a bad friend.
I was a good mom, and a bad one too.
In the final six weeks of the last six years, I went through the worst heartbreak of my life, forcibly removed from who I thought was my forever person. I moved (again), and took on several new clients. I finished my last classes unpacking boxes and unpacking heartbreaking, while simultaneously making new friends and experiencing the littlest bits of new hope shining in the cracks in the ceiling of darkness built overhead.
I want to say, sardonically, “I’m so exhausted” or something about how much change this is, but instead I’ll say this: Women are the most resilient, strong, and beautiful creatures on this planet. And I’m one of them….


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